Maintenance Guide for Block Paving

Pro-Smart’s Maintenance Guide for Block-Paving

To keep your newly restored block paving in optimum condition, it is essential to follow the maintenance schedule below. The sealers we apply are designed to help minimise surface deterioration of external paved surfaces. However, as with all paving products, some degree of routine maintenance is necessary to prevent the re-growth of moss, weeds and algae.

The following steps should be taken periodically once your driveway, path or patio has been sealed:

1. Regularly: a good sweep with a stiff broom and a light wash with a hose is recommended now and again to keep the surface clean and to prevent any accumulation of dirt and grime on the surface and between the joints. “Spot” treat any weeds with weed killer as and when they appear.

2. At least once a year: we recommend a moss/algae killer treatment wash which will kill off any moss or weed spores that are lying on the surface and then gently washing off afterwards. Areas prone to moss or algae growth e.g. under trees or hanging baskets or any north-facing sections should probably be treated more often.

3. Every 3-5 years: we recommend a moss/algae killer treatment wash together with a ‘topup’ coat of sealant, which will protect the surface for a further 3-5 years. Prior to application, the surface should be clean and free of grease and oil. It is difficult to gauge exactly how long before a top up coat is required as each driveway is unique.

4. Any spillages of oil based products should be removed as soon as possible to avoid any lasting stains forming.

5. Sanded joints which are disturbed by heavy trafficking can be re-sanded and sealed to prevent weed growth recurring in these areas.

6. Sealers can be re-applied at any time providing the paving is clean and dry. This may be necessary in areas of high wear.

7. Do not apply salt directly to the paved surface.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to carry out any of the points listed above when necessary could lead to faster deterioration of your paved surface and result in a shorter time frame before comprehensive cleaning and refurbishment is required again.

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